Credit Assessment/Bank Statement Analyzer

Score Me is an initiative in that direction where we provide a DIY (Do-It- Yourself) tool to the company that assist them in better understanding the business health on an ongoing basis. The tool captures few of the most significant parameters that are ideally looked into by analysts of different financial institutions. As it equips the companies with a better sense of where they are standing, it directly helps the management to improve upon their strategies and planning that subsequently over a period of time will develop Corporate performance and consequently the performance of the economy.


It is observed that Corporates spend a considerable amount of time, money and energy in persuading the Banks/NBFCs in raising finance but that may not be the correct or only approach at that juncture taking into consideration the business framework in which they are working on.

Benefits of Score Me

  • You can self-assess your company’s credit worthiness at your own time and space within 15 minutes, if you have all information collated at your end
  • With the insight on different parameters of your company you may take up prudent strategic decisions thus saving a considerable amount of time, money and energy in the process.
  • You get to understand the set of parameters on which your company is doing good thus helping you to identify aspects which is required to be pitched better in front of analysts
  • You may undertake the exercise multiple times over a period of time to keep track of your business health
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