Valuation is a complex, subjective and at times a hotly debated issue. Undertaking valuation assignments require an in-depth understanding of internal and external factors affecting business as also a thorough knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment in which the business is operating. For a valuation report to be well accepted one need to thoroughly analyse financial, non-financial and other data. This requires experienced, dedicated and highly motivated professionals.

Need For Valuation- From accounting to taxation, from tangibles to intangibles and from buying and selling of businesses to regulatory compliances, Resurgent India Brings an understanding of the issues across a cross section of industries to the valuation process. Appropriate interpretation of such numbers is the key to a good valuation report. Our team of professionals can analyse future trends to help the user of such reports anticipate the challenge ahead. The benefit of having such insight may prove to be quite substantial.


Resurgent India provides valuation services on behalf of the end user be it on owner, a buyer, an Request for a valuation could be triggered by one or more of the following reasons-


  • ESOP accounting- Intrinsic value and Black Scholes
  • ESOP for taxation
  • Acquisition- Domestic & Cross Border
  • Merger- Assessment of Swap Ratio
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Valuation for spinoff/restructuring
  • Share Purchase/Investment/Fund Raising
  • Good will & Asset Impairment testing (US GAAP/IFRS/Indian GAAP)
  • Forensic Valuations including court cases and legal proceedings
  • Valuations for family settlements
  • Brand Valuations
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Asset valuation for purchase price allocation (US GAAP/IFRS)
  • Carried Interest Valuation
  • Derivative Valuation under IFRS
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