An Overview Of Merchant Banking Services

An Overview Of Merchant Banking Services

December 01, 2020 Admin
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Is managing your money issues becoming a hassle for you as an entrepreneur ? Handling business and maintaining its finances is not an easy job. A business owner has to go through ups and downs to keep his business thriving. In such a scenario, merchant banking services come to their rescue. We often look for help from external sources to make our everyday tasks hassle-free as a business owner. Hence availing banking services for businesses would surely do the needful.


What is merchant banking?


Merchant Banking is a blend of banking facilities and consulting services that help you manage your business. It works as an advisor for your business in areas such as finance, legal, and marketing. It also provides assistance to make your business thriving. When a person decides to open a business/startup or desires to improve the standard and structure of the company , hiring a consultant can prove fruitful in the long run. It can help you raise finances to build your business, improve the infrastructure and facilities, and revive your business in case of sick units. A financial consultant is a highly competent professional who has the skills of the latest business techniques. He can offer you the appropriate solution to any issue.

An Overview Of Merchant Banking Services

How do merchant banking services operate?


There are many functions of a merchant bank. A few of them are mentioned as follows:

  1. Project Counselling: In this aspect, a detailed review of the project is done to better understand the critical areas. After the detailed study, the vital components are highlighted, the changes are made, and the project's success rate is discussed. After it, the requisite steps are taken before finalizing the project. The project's idea, sustainability in the market, economic and financial aspects, and modes of obtaining financing are kept in mind before implementing it.
  2. Emphasis on improving brand image - Another aspect of availing a merchant banking service is that it assists corporates in building a brand image. It is a complimentary service that helps enhance business performance and reputation among its shareholders or investors. After due research, guidance is provided, keeping in mind the type of business they are dealing with.


It includes the following aspects:


  • Comprehensive analysis of each product/ service offered by the company to evaluate whether it would be profitable in the long run or not. The factors, such as demand are often looked at; otherwise, it would be best to discontinue it to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Proffering guidance about government policies so that corporates can work accordingly.
  • An effort is made to review the products or projects that were discontinued by analyzing the problematic area and rectifying it.

3. Assistance in procuring loans - Merchant banking services provide due assistance to merchants or business owners to obtain loans for a short or long period. They help prepare loan applications and project reports to fulfill the criteria to make you eligible for the loan and get credit as per your requirement. A person can even obtain funds from foreign resources as they specialize in Euro funds also.

The following services are rendered by them

  • Widening the search of financial institutions for procuring credit.
  • Staying updated with the financial institution or banks regarding the procedure and tracking the application form.
  • Helping their customers fill their credentials and assisting them in procuring maximum funds from banks.
  • Fulfill the legal formalities as specified by the banks or lending institutions.

4. Additional facilities - The need for merchant banking services has increased with time. Hence along with the standard facilities, merchant banks have started to provide tailor-made facilities such as corporate counseling on mergers, tax issues, hiring employees, auditing, etc. These specialized services are offered by selective banks only.


In the modern world, where the business industry is continually evolving, one cannot handle their organization's finances without assistance. Hence Merchant Banking services come to the rescue. These are tailor-made services to suit all your needs, from handling conflicts to growing your business at a fast pace. The government policies keep on renewing. Thus, it helps to keep companies updated with the latest policies so that their business can function effectively. Hence this investment can prove beneficial in the long run for their business owners.

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