Funding Solutions  - Taking your dream project to the next level

Funding Solutions - Taking your dream project to the next level

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Budding entrepreneurs are often faced with a quandary relating towards the ideal proposition towards attaining funds for expansion. Consider this scenario: your entity has achieved break-even numbers operationally. You are consistently reaping positive cash-flows and it is perceived that you need to gear up your game.


What next? Should you give up on your ownership stake and accept the investor’s money? Or, accept a loan with prevailing interest rates, thereby diluting your Profit After Tax (PAT)?



Funding Solutions  - Taking your dream project to the next level

How about we propose that both these options can be mixed in order to provide you maximum gains. What if a portion of the funding secured can be taking via debt, thereby becoming a tax-saving instrument, and a portion of the ownership is given up, thereby reducing the dilution of the EPS?


Okay, so we have determined the ideal mix of debt and equity that needs to be diluted in order to attain optimum cost of capital. We have valued our business, and have determined the ideal funding amount required. But what next? Will the banks provide the ideal interest rates? Will PE firms be a better source of equity funding or HNI folks?


Sounds like a lot of dilemma. Are the key management personnel involved in the entity willing to venture into these unknown waters and gauge the ideal rates? Well, we at Resurgent India are committed towards solving these issues. You can simply drop in your proposals and we would ensure that the cost of capital is kept minimal while you receive your desired level of funding.


Our markets are filled with numerous options. In fact, our specialty lies in the fact that we would be mining out the best viable options for you. In turn, this would ensure that you are committed towards your endeavor in gaining a dominating position in the market and fine tune your products.


Drop in a line relating to your proposals at , be it for funding solutions or business valuations. We are looking forward towards assisting your esteemed organization.

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