Would a Financial Advisor Assist you better than a Financial Consultant?

Would a Financial Advisor Assist you better than a Financial Consultant?

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We often come across finance professionals who are either Financial Advisors, Financial Consultant, Wealth Advisors, Wealth Managers or Financial Planners. Who amongst them are the best when it comes to managing your investments? Is a Financial Advisory more handy for managing your investment portfolio than Wealth Managers?

Would a Financial Advisor Assist you better than a Financial Consultant?

These queries are often left unanswered and need to be addressed. For, how would your financial quandaries be resolved if the wrong consultant is approached! Well worry no further, as we shall try to assist you in providing clarity regarding the roles of the aforementioned professionals.

Primarily, the qualifications of most of the said folks are usually common, as in a Masters’ degree in Management or a professional completed such as CA, CFA or ICWA. Although the subject in contention is finance, the area of expertise may vary amongst each individual.

Do look out for the specialisation of the consultant/ advisor before taking a call for availing their services. It would be their prior experience, additional examinations and qualifications that would determine who would be best fit. For example, an advisor(Ms. A) and a consultant(Mr. B) both, might have qualified as a Registered Valuer under IBBI. In this case, both Ms. A and Mr. B would be qualified to value your business and produce statutorily accepted Valuation Reports for the Registrar of Companies in India.

More often, it is merely a marketing jargon as to what the consultants would opt to call themselves. Indeed, a Wealth Manager would be better in assisting you with managing your funds than providing assistance on Merger and Acquisition matters. However, it would not limit him to advice on Mergers if he possesses the aforementioned qualifications and expertise.

We would rather suggest that you could go over the said professional’s credentials and the professional qualifications that she/he has cleared over the tenure of the practise. Also, we, at Resurgent India have multiple finance professionals to cater to your requirements. Do write to us at corporate@resurgentindia.com with your financial quandaries and we confidant in assisting you with a positive outcome.

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