The Changing Role of Merchant Banking in the Era of Big Data Analytics

The Changing Role of Merchant Banking in the Era of Big Data Analytics

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Check out the financial history of superpowers like USA and UK. You will find that it can be divided into two parts. Part one, when they were operating with unorganized financial planning; and part two, when merchant banking operations took the charge, and started to arrange funds for them with help of financial projections & profit feasibility surveys of the trade. This comparison will give you an idea about how merchant banking operations can change the condition of an economy (Jaiswal, 2015). Let's now check two recent news pieces to understand the role of merchant banking operations in the Indian context, the first news is related with the Canara bank's demand to take the services of the merchant banking. Canara bank is seeking the support of merchant banking operations to take care of its bonds. It is the same story with SBI India as well; in the year 2018, they took the support of merchant banking operations to handle accounts worth 1.25 billion from their overseas operations (ENS, 2019).

The Changing Role of Merchant Banking in the Era of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics Is All Set to Launch a New Era in the Field of Merchant Banking

Recently, Air India invited bids for merchant banking operations to generate 2000 crore INR from the market. The figures associated with the merchant banking operations are increasing because of a strong reason. Now, with the arrival of big data analytics, they are able to process the data fast, and the presence of big data allows them to increase their capacity to deal with bigger & longer tenures of the investments & operations. With each passing year, the big data is gaining new strength because of strong data collection means. It allows a merchant banking operation provider to increase its spectrum of business analysis. Now they can come up with formidable reports within no time. This agility in the processing is certainly going to change certain economic equations in the near future. RESURGENT INDIA can help you considerably to understand the situation of the market. (The Importance of Big Data Analytics in The Banking and Financial Services Industry, 2018).

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