Relevance of Advisory Services in Today’s Business Environment

Relevance of Advisory Services in Today’s Business Environment

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Advisors have played an important role throughout the evolution of civilization. Perhaps the most eminent ‘advisor’ one could think of, would be Kautilya, the advisor to Chandragupta. It was perhaps Kautilya’s ChanakyaNiti that helped Chandragupta to ascend the throne and maintain the expansive empire of India. Thus we put forth this question, do we need Chanakya like advisors in today’s business world?

Relevance of Advisory Services in Today’s Business Environment

Well, the answer lies in more than just a yes or no. advisory services have always maintained a dignified position in the business scenarios and would only continue to build their importance. A company cannot be a self-sufficient entity, just like other beings, for its existence. Growth and sustainability are symbiotic processes and we need interaction in order to flourish. Here comes the role of advisory firms and their significance. Armed with expert knowledge in their respective fields, Advisors do monetize their expertise. They could advise on matters regarding finance, business, assets, M&A, and the likes.


Consider a situation where an organization is planning to make a strategic merger with its competitor. The Board members do pass a resolution and are well equipped with knowledge. However, external advisors who aide with M&A activities has built a career out of carrying out mergers and acquisitions. They would be bringing in insights that would not have been considered previously. It is this opinion that would aid organizations regarding the pros and cons and provide prudency in their actions. Successful advisors do bring out relevant, neutral opinions that would be free from any bias or prejudice.


We, at Resurgent India, are a Category I, registered under SEBI, Merchant Bank and Investment Banker. We have advised on more than 350 cases for Debt Syndication and 1500+ on Business Valuations. Sure Chanakya has left his legacy for upcoming advisors, we are committed towards our endeavor in providing you the services in the shortest TATs. Do drop in a line at

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