Customized Pitch Deck Design Service for Startups

Customized Pitch Deck Design Service for Startups

August 19, 2022 Admin
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A pitch deck is a succinct presentation that gives potential investors a quick rundown of your company. The main objectives are typically to highlight your product, describe your business model, introduce your team, and provide a glimpse into your monetization plan.


Since it might be a company's initial interaction with investors, building credibility could be crucial to moving the conversation forward.


Why do Startups Need Pitch Deck Services?

Every year, a typical venture capitalist or angel investor evaluate hundreds of startup pitch decks. They typically take a couple of minutes to read each story before determining whether to meet with the founder. A concise, thorough, and strategically placed VC pitch deck can pique curiosity, start a dialogue, and gain the funding for your firm, despite the fact that there is a very small window of opportunity to create an impact.


Startups often have few resources and little to no market knowledge. It can be hard for them to raise money from investors. A wide variety of audiences can be reached using the presentation tool, known as pitch deck, to market your business or ideas. A pitch deck service can help if you need to convince investors that your business has great growth potential and secure the funding you require to scale.

Professional pitch deck services may help you tell a story, outline a vision, showcase accomplishments, and state the potential of your business. However, if done incorrectly, a pitch deck may present the wrong storyline or one that isn't compelling enough raise funds necessary for rapid expansion. A pitch deck needs to be geared to attract the audience to whom it is addressed.

Customized Pitch Deck Design Service for Startups

Features of a pitch deck:

Its goal is to spark the interest of investors and other interested parties in your startup by explaining the intricate workings of your company and the industry it serves.


Essentially, a strong pitch deck should --

  • Be simple to grasp
  • Interesting and alluring to elicit the fear of missing out
  • Be trustworthy

Although valuable, credentials, backgrounds, and accomplishments are just the beginning. You need to demonstrate your ability to pitch your idea to investors and that your individual abilities are applicable to this firm. Additionally, you need to prove that you can assemble the ideal team and win over clients.


Why Do Startups Need Pitch Deck Services?

You must present your pitch deck in a professional style, which calls for well-organized material and presentable charts or graphs. Additionally, the presentation shouldn't appear as though you were just filling up a template with information. Adapt it to suit you.


The text should not dominate presentation slides. Less is always more in this case. The presentation itself shouldn't be too long and should include a maximum of 10 to 15 slides.


Pitching the problem, not the solution, to the investor is crucial. Make the problem clear to persuade the investor that it does present an opportunity, and avoid attempting to address too many issues at once. Be specific about the scope of the issue, its significance, and the target audience for your solution. 


Following an explanation to your investors of the significance of the problem and potential for resolution that your research has supported, you need to proceed to describe the steps you'll take to solve the problem.


Pitch Deck Service offers each of these things and more.


Benefits of Pitch Deck in Investors Round

Investors can clearly understand a firm's business and chances of success through straightforward illustrations on the slides.


  • It provides an effective structure for drafting a brief company plan.
  • Depending on the requirement for finance, the investor pitch deck can be updated and adjusted for various purposes and periods.
  • It also assists in developing a marketing strategy for the company.
  • It helps align business objectives with specific clients'/investors' interests. 

One of the Best Pitch Deck Service Providers in India

Raising money for your startup is one of the most crucial tasks to be invested in and a reputable pitch deck service provider can be a godsend for your organization. 


Professionals at Resurgent India come with deep domain experience and have mastered the art of crafting pitch decks. We are a Category 1 Merchant Banker with offices across six territories in India and an on-the-ground talent pool of 200+ professionals with extensive experience in Debt, Equity, Business Valuations, Structured Finance and Capital Markets.

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