Everything You Need To Know About The Valuation Report

Everything You Need To Know About The Valuation Report

July 19, 2021 Admin
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A business valuation report is an attempt to thoroughly document and analyze the value of a company or a group of assets by considering all relevant market, industrial, and economic aspects.

Everything You Need To Know About The Valuation Report

Why Do You Need a Valuation Report?

The standard of value to apply, as well as the valuation approach and assumptions used in computing the assessment, will be determined by the reason for the appraisal. Each of these aspects of business appraisal affects the final result.

There are several reasons to value a company or its assets:


  • A firm can be sold or a portion of it can be bought.
  • The merger of two companies or acquisition
  • Litigation
  • For taxation purposes
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy
  • Reporting on finances
  • Dissolution of marital

The standard of value to use will be determined by the purpose of the valuation. In a dissolution dispute, for example, some states apply a fair market value standard, while others use fair value—a statutory measure that is not based on current market conditions.

To make matters even more complicated, the fair value standard used for financial reporting under Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) differs slightly from the fair value standard used for other purposes; under GAAP guidelines, fair value is based on participants in the most advantageous market—rather than the open, unrestricted market—which leads to higher values.

Types of Valuation Report

There are four types of valuation reports. These are:

Comprehensive Report

This report comprises a conclusion on the worth of shares, assets, or an interest in a firm that is based on a thorough examination and analysis of the company, its industry, and all other relevant elements, which is appropriately supported and set out in a full Valuation Report.

Financial statements that have been audited or reviewed, as well as detailed real estate assessment reports, are frequently used. The document's preparation requires a high level of professional care for it to survive legal scrutiny and meet regulatory requirements.

Typically used in court as the information presented becomes evidence and is subject to inspection and criticism by opposing counsel.

Estimate Report

This report offers a conclusion on the worth of shares, assets, or a business interest based on a limited assessment, analysis, and corroboration of pertinent facts, and is often set out in a less extensive Valuation Report.

Estimate valuation reports are typically utilized when the level of certainty required in the report is lower than that required in a Comprehensive Valuation Report. An estimate report is utilized when the user of the report feels confident in the assumptions made because of intimate knowledge of the industry.

Calculation Report

Calculation Reports are brief Valuation Reports that offer a conclusion on the worth of shares, assets, or an interest in a firm based on limited research and analysis and little or no corroboration of pertinent facts.

When just ‘rough, ballpark' findings are required, this style of report is appropriate. Financial statements with a Notice to Reader are frequently used. As a result, only a sliver of confidence may be placed in the conclusion's accuracy.

 When the value of the firm assets isn't relevant to the broader financial picture, it's often used for planning, internal management, or out-of-court settlement purposes.  Undue reliance on this report's conclusion should not be made.

Limited Critique Report

Limited Critique reports offer feedback on another report that includes a conclusion about the worth of shares, assets, or business interest, or a conclusion about the amount of financial gain or loss, but not a valuation conclusion.

The Valuation Critique can be limited to specific issues or can take the form of a general opinion on whether the report under review is acceptable, and if not, what the expected range of monetary inaccuracy is.

A lawyer may find it advantageous to obtain a critique report from an impartial expert to justify his or her reliance on the opposing side's value assessment.

Importance of a Valuation Report

A business valuation report offers the owner of a firm a variety of data and numbers about the company's true worth or value in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values.

This is information that every business owner should have on hand. A business valuation should be obtained at least once a year to demonstrate company growth.

1. Improved understanding of Company’s Assets

The importance of obtaining the best valuation report cannot be overstated. Estimates are unacceptable since they constitute a broad generalization.
Specific figures must be derived from valuation methods for business owners to receive adequate insurance coverage, determine how much to reinvest in the firm, and determine how much to sell their company for while still making a profit.


2. Understanding Company’s Resale Value

This process should begin well before the firm is put up for sale on the open market so that you can devote more time to increasing the company's worth and achieving a higher selling price. You should know the value of your business as a business owner.


3. Obtain the true Value of the Company

Knowing the true value of your company is often a decisive factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to sell it. It also aids in demonstrating the rise of a company's income and valuation over the past five years. Potential buyers want to see that a company has grown steadily and consistently over time.


4. Helps in Mergers and Acquisitions

You can negotiate your way to the appraised valuation numbers offered by a well-known and respected valuation determination agency after you know what your business valuation is.
Reject the transaction or propose to enter mediation if you are offered less for your firm than it is demonstrated to be worth. It will assist both parties in reaching an amicable agreement.


5. Attracts Investors

When you're looking for new investors to help fund your business's growth or save it from bankruptcy, the investor will want to see a thorough company valuation report. You should also give potential investors a valuation prediction based on the funds they have contributed. Investors want to know where their money is going and how they will get a return on their investment.
When a potential investor sees that their money will take the firm to the next level, improve its worth, and put more money back into their products, they are more willing to invest.

Even the finest appraiser can't compute an appropriate value without accurate and full information, therefore business valuation is a difficult process that requires experience.


Obtaining Best Valuation Report

Resurgent India has assisted various businesses across a wide range of industries in achieving considerably more accurate business and asset values. We have significant experience applying all three methods of assessment to a wide range of organizations and scenarios. Our valuation and transfer pricing experts have worked with some of the world's top corporations and provide the best valuation report in Gurgaon and Mumbai.

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