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The corporate finance industry provides a wide range of funding solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of today's market leaders. Expertise and market knowledge are needed from seasoned small enterprise owners to young entrants to assess which financial instruments are most relevant to every scenario. The funding solution has made its choices possible for CEOs, businessmen, and small-scale business operators. Through funding solutions, the demand for various industries such as start-ups or existing companies in need of alternatives for funding can be met. Start-ups or small-scale companies need work capital to finance salaries, service charges, and the financing of those business expenses. They are not prepared to fulfill contractual obligations or take short-term opportunities where payables meet the time of receivables. Liquid Capital provides a variety of secure, quick, easy, risk-free funding solutions, which can be established without lengthy, long-term contracts.


Following are the different types of funding solutions

  1. Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping involves using your financial resources, including cash from a savings account and diligent use of personal credit cards, in the idea/ experimental stage.
  2. Friends and Family: Private capitals are used to fund business operations in the early stages of a private company. Saving, distributing from a retirement plan, and taking out a second mortgage on a residence is popular among new business owners. When personal asset financing dries up, owners can seek funding solutions among friends and family members.
  3. Angel Investors: Usually, an angel investor is a high net-worth person who invests money in exchange for a company ownership interest. Angel investors are more likely to provide large amounts of capital if they see an enterprise, they want to invest in because of the equity position within the company.
  4. Bank Loans/Venture Capitals: In the later stages of a growing business, the now-incorporated business might need a bank loan for various needs, including operating capital and long-term growth. Financial institutions may require financial data on both the company and the entrepreneur for several years to obtain this loan. Venture capital is a group of individuals with a high or ultra-high net worth or a business that handles such individuals' assets.
  5. Crowdsourcing: Although crowdsourcing's novelty has worn off, platforms such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter are still a lot of options for private ventures that need a cash infusion.

Best Funding Solutions for Companies

There are different funding solutions available for companies that can be used during business expansion. New business lending, spending materials, credit sheets, invoice finance, and crowdfunding are positive possibilities for 2020. During the loan ranking, time limits, and the sum of funding you need, you may find some factors more suitable than others. That is why overall debt payments will be calculated such that you know what solution is easier with this form of funding solution option. Make sure you chose the best potential cost-effective and productive project for your client. Institutional traders have ties with major company owners who have wide categories of properties.

Resurgent India’s Funding Solutions in Mumbai will help you guide on how to build a strong business that is financially sound. If you are applying for a small business loan or deciding to expand your business to your company, you can take the help of the financial advisors, who will provide you with the best decision to reach and surpass the goals.

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