Insolvency Professional: Definition and Responsibilities

Insolvency Professional: Definition and Responsibilities

December 11, 2020 Admin
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Definition of Insolvency Professional

Bankruptcy is growing by leaps and bounds due to mismanagement of finances by business entities and other factors worldwide. New careers have emerged, such as insolvency professionals in the investment banking firms that render valuable advice on such matters. Strict laws are made to increase the speed of recovering the money taken by borrowers. It has turned the tables on the debtor from a possession recovery routine to a customer run routine. Hence the insolvency professionals take control of the business in troubled waters as a part of the resolution process and take charge of it along with its financial creditors.

If a company does not have sufficient cash to meet the financial obligations and, at the same time, you face pressure from financial lenders; it would be best to consider availing insolvency professionals services.


Responsibilities of an insolvency professional

An insolvency professional’s prime responsibility is to evaluate a business, company, or partnership firm's financial situation. After this step, it is made sure that the process continues without any hassle. After careful analysis, if they think it is possible to revive the business. They leave no stone unturned to return it back to its initial stages.


The primary responsibilities are as highlighted as follows:


  1. Examine the financial situation of the company to understand it better.
  2. Make arrangements while organizing formal discussions with the clients and lenders and work on the settlement.
  3. Another primary role is to check and affirm the creditors' claims as per the available funds.
  4. Ensure proper arrangements to auction the assets while liquidating individual/organization.
  5. Pay the expenses of liquidation and use the leftover money for the distribution of funds.
  6. To make a detailed report after analysis and submit it to the National company law tribunal, which includes the following information
  • A thorough plan and procedure for the liquidation of assets have to be submitted to the agency within 75 days, and the insolvency professional begins the process.
  • Create a comprehensive report while the process is still going on.
  • All-inclusive information on the sale of assets/property.
  •  To stay in touch with the lenders and borrowers and provide them information about the same.
  • Prepare a report on the concluding of the dissolution process of the organization.
Insolvency Professional: Definition and Responsibilities

Here are a few roles played by an insolvency professional Agency

Under section 204 of the solvency code, the following functions are performed by a professional insolvency agency ( An independent body which registers the eligible insolvency professional as its member )


Evaluation of the performance of its members and has the authority to cancel their licenses.

  1. Taking note of the complaints of its members and providing appropriate guidance
  2. Their main function includes giving the membership to insolvency experts
  3. To preserve the interests of its members and keep a check that their rights are being given to them.

No business wants to be stuck in such a situation. Thus, the necessary steps are taken by the professionals before things become worse. During these times, a firm in distress taking help from skilled professionals is recommended.


Hence insolvency professionals act as a lifesaver for any business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The professional must possess exceptional knowledge and skill sets, but it is recommended to hire those financial experts who have years of experience. The demand for this profession is increasing rapidly. An insolvency professional is an important part of investment banks or organizations. One must have updated information about the rules and policies to make a prosperous career as an insolvency expert. He can provide his guidance and support during these difficult times and can help them thrive.

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