Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know

Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know

May 30, 2020 Admin
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Investment banking is a special banking sector related to the wealth development of certain businesses, governments, and institutions. It is one of the world’s most challenging financial processes. They represent numerous roles and businesses. These offer various kinds of financial services including own buying or selling in shares with their portfolios, mergers, and acquisitions, which include supporting M&A organizations; leveraged financing involving the loan in capital to businesses to buy and sell assets; and consolidation involving strengthened corporate processes to render an organization more effective. Investment bank acts as a bridge between the large enterprises and the investor. They assist businesses to obtain debt funding by attracting corporate bond creditors. Investment bank plays a major role in the creation of the new capital by lending money to the manufacturers for the purchase of raw materials and to meet other requirements in a country thereby helping in the economic growth process and investment securities.

Functions of Investment Banking:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: M&A include delivering assistance and collaboration for bidders in arranging and structuring mergers between two companies. Such consultancy roles provide purchasing and sales guidance after the Investment Bank recruits purchasing-side consultants and selling side analysts. The bank directs the contract to M&A customers after it has released or created "PitchBook," and the M&A customer approves. To render the transaction as seamless as possible, an investment firm will also help structuring and promoting the purchase.
  • Underwriting New Stock Issues: The key functions of an investment bank are to act as a kind of broker of initial public offerings (IPOs) for businesses and buyers. If a corporation wants to go public and needs equity capital, investment firms offer underwriting facilities on the latest stock problems. The activity involves the acquisition by the investment firm of a negotiated amount of new equity options, which it then markets through a stock exchange.
  • Sales: The Sales of an investment bank are another main or central feature. They are mainly concerned with naming high net wealth persons and organizations on the grounds of "Caveat Emptor" for trading ideas. Retailers take the shape of the traditional supermarket broker, company salesperson or the agent of private customer support. Classic retail brokers create and offer portfolio and commodity recommendations to individual investors. Institutional dealers establish partnerships with major institutional owners who control large asset classes.
  • Risk Management: This involves industry forecasting and default risk investment banks or clients decide to take financial statements through purchases or companies. Credit exposure includes capital market operation, acquisition, debt issuing, leveraged funding.
Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know

Investment banking current scenario in India

The scenario of investment banking in India is getting better due to the investors’ elevated level of trust and lower operating cost model. India is now regarded as the world’s fourth-largest economy. Its impressive GDP level has catapulted it to second place among all developing nations, particularly in the field of purchasing power. It will also be witnessing financial stability at the macro-level. Investment is said to be the main player behind all the economic development. The global banking sector is on a firmer basis a decade since the financial crisis. In 2020, there are four critical fields in which banking will prioritize the need for strategic transformation: regulatory enforcement, infrastructure, risk management, and expertise.

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