Mergers of Public Sector Banks: Will the MSME be victim to a ‘middle class’ treatment?

Mergers of Public Sector Banks: Will the MSME be victim to a ‘middle class’ treatment?

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India has been a breeding ground of a thriving, if not blooming MSME sector. Most startups fall under this category as well. Organizations in this sector fill in the gap between large corporate entities and small scale industries. Statistically speaking, the MSME sector contributes to 45% of the total exports in the country. This includes a steady growth rate of over 10% year on year. Needless to say, the implication would be heavy dependence on the MSME for a major chunk of employment for the masses.

Mergers of Public Sector Banks: Will the MSME be victim to a ‘middle class’ treatment?

Smaller banks have been favorable towards financing the MSMEs. Almost 20% of this sector lies in the rural region and contributes to various sectors. With the merger of a ‘strong’ bank with two ‘weak’ banks, there would be a shift in paradigm. More emphasis shall be laid towards putting in the funds towards global, established, and relatively larger entities. Wherein the risk would be reduced tending towards NPAs. However, this comes with its own limitations. With investments tending towards the global scenarios, global economic meltdowns could adversely affect the bank. This would perhaps increase the vulnerability of the tax-payers’ money. Increasing provisions for NPAs is another deterring factor for MSMEs.


However, all is not lost in this case. The government is working towards the upliftment of this sector and has ensured multiple schemes towards ensuring a steady growth (PMKVY being one of these). Today, we yearn to be a super-power, and gone are the days that India was deemed as a third-world nation. Equipped with dynamic decision-making abilities, the Govt has ensured to equip MSMEs with the adequacy of funds in order to grow. After being plagued by multi-million dollar scams, the PSU banking scenario is experiencing a positive change. We are looking towards enhanced decision making. Albeit, the rays of hope shall touch upon the MSMEs and not hinder its growth.

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