Private Equity Consulting firm in India | Resurgent India

Private Equity Consulting firm in India | Resurgent India

January 11, 2023 Admin
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What is a private equity firm?

Private equity firms, usually limited partnerships, invest in companies that are not publicly traded on stock markets. These investment funds are managed by private equity companies on behalf of accredited and institutional investors. Private equity capital refers to the money invested by private equity firms, venture capital funds, and angel investors into target companies. Each of these types of investors has its own financial objectives, management preferences, and strategies for making a profit from their investments. 


Private Equity Consulting firm in India | Resurgent India

What are private equity consulting firms?

Private equity consulting firms are companies that provide consulting services to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. These consulting firms may offer a variety of services, such as strategic planning, operational improvement, market analysis, and financial modelling. They may also provide expertise in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and business turnarounds. Private equity consulting firms typically work with private equity firms to help them identify investment opportunities, assess the potential of those opportunities, and develop and execute strategies for maximizing the value of their investments.


Benefits of Private Equity firms:

Private equity consulting firms can provide a number of benefits to the companies in which they invest. Here are some of the main advantages of private equity investment:

  • Capital: These firms provide capital to companies that may not be willing to obtain funding from traditional sources, such as banks or the capital markets. This capital can be used to finance a range of activities, including expansion, acquisition, or restructuring.
  • Expertise: They often have a team of experienced professionals who can provide valuable expertise and guidance to the companies in which they invest. This can include help with strategic planning, financial management, and operational improvement.
  • Network of contacts: Private equity firms often have a large network of contacts in a variety of industries and sectors. This can be helpful for companies looking to expand their operations or make strategic acquisitions.
  • Restructuring and reorganization: They can help to restructure and reorganize underperforming companies, improving their efficiency and competitiveness. This can involve everything from streamlining operations to implementing new management practices.

How Resurgent India can help you?

Resurgent India Limited is a top-of-the-line private equity consulting firm in India. Resurgent India has wide experience in advising and executing private equity deals and transactions across sectors like automobile, hospitality, manufacturing, and Real Estate. Our ability to carry out private equity transactions through all stages of the deal process and our deal structuring experience are our key strengths. Resurgent India understands the investment needs of various financial investors and has strong relationships with key international private equity firms. 



We've been there

We offer a variety of services to private equity-backed companies, including guidance on matters related to finance such as growth capital, capital restructuring, buyouts, and more. Our goal is to provide objective and unbiased recommendations to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. We also provide support in raising funds or selling equity to financial or strategic investors. We are known for our comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the process from pre- to post-sanction for clients in India. 

We're flexible

Our company has a thorough understanding of the concerns and priorities of investors and operating partners. We work with management teams, coordinate with multiple investors and service providers and offer objective and unbiased recommendations on various financial matters such as growth capital, capital restructuring, and buyouts. We customize our approach to help our clients achieve value from each transaction. 

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