Real Estate Project Finance Is The Right Solution For Your Project

Real Estate Project Finance Is The Right Solution For Your Project

January 07, 2020 Admin
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Independent capital investment backed up by long term financing, where the cash flows and assets can be identified what we call as Project finance. Real estate project finance is one of the most standard examples. Apart from that, project finance mostly includes oil, gas and mining, buildings, and constructions.


It is made sure that the cash flow that comes out of a real estate project finance covers the operating expenses and is enough to fund the financial repayment requirements. Generally, the lifespan of an asset is calculated, and the financing is then aligned with it. It is mostly made up of debt and equity. 


Real estate project finance is usually confused with corporate finance. In cases of corporate finance, the cash flows are generally used to fund more projects, or they may issue equities for an open-ended time horizon. In the case of real estate project finance, there is a definite time horizon within which the capital is to be repaid.


Very recently, the Indian government approved a "professionally managed" fund of Rs 25000 crore for the registered housing projects that are not worth any positive at the moment. Out of this 25000 crore, it has been decided that the government will put 10,000 in this AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) and 15000 shall be put in by LIC and state bank of India together.


The idea of the fund is to work on completing 1,508 projects that consist of 4.58lak units. It may also, in the long run, utilized on the projects that have been declared as NPA(non-performing assets) or are in facing insolvency.


People who have bought houses, especially the ones who are paying EMI's and rent for years and years, might benefit from this funding, as the financing may result in the revival of the lending on the stalled projects and leading to timely possession as a result of early completion.

Real Estate Project Finance Is The Right Solution For Your Project

Projects on real estate are the ones that shall be considered?

  1. Projects that require last-mile subsidizing to finish development
  2. Projects in the reasonable and middle-income classification
  3. Net worth positive activities that additionally incorporate NPAs and those experiencing National  Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) procedures
  4. Projects enlisted under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA)
  5. Priority will be given to ventures that are approaching completion


Net worth positive projects. What are they?

According to the Finance Ministry FAQs, net worth positive undertakings to subsidize through the unique window will mean those activities where the estimation of receivables in addition to the evaluation of unsold stock is more prominent than the outstanding liabilities and the cost of completion at the project level.


It implies whether there is sufficient juice in the realty venture for the investor to work on and take over. The investment manager would initially need to survey if the land organization would be in a situation to keep paying a premium and whether there would be sufficient income to be earned by selling its unsold units. The income from the venture ought to be more than the expense and the liabilities appended to it. It should have a definite income explanation.


At last, this unique window isn't a welfare plot or a credit waiver. It is a reserve that looks for reimbursement. Accordingly, the real estate project needs to have the remaining potential for compensation.


Will Delhi-NCR or Mumbai get the larger pie of the funds?

The Special window is available to moderate and mid-salary housing projects wherein abiding units don't surpass 200 square meter carpet region and are valued up to Rs 2 crore in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, up to Rs 1.5 crore in National Capital Region, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, and up to Rs 1 crore in the remainder of the nation.


According to a gauge by Liases Foras, more than 30-40 percent of focused projects all over the nation may meet all requirements for the reserve. Not all of the 1,600 undertakings will shine and see the light of the day.


Pankaj Kapoor, author and Managing Director, Liases Foras, brings up that although most housing units are stuck in Delhi-NCR, it is the undertakings in MMR that have more potential for goals than NCR. Along these lines, the use of assets will be higher in MMR.


"The reserve is intended for development. In Mumbai, development cost contributes just 15 percent, and in NCR development cost is as high as 30-40 percent and the costs are lower. The greater part of the assets will, in this way, be used by MMR, Bengaluru and Pune," Kapoor says.


What happens to the units that outperform the size limit of 2,150 sq ft?

The Finance Ministry very clearly expresses that the housing units and estates up to 200 sq mt or 2,150 sq ft will quality fit the bill for the last mile funding. What happens if the condo is larger or if the first floor of a structure has a penthouse of 3,000 sq ft?


Specialists say that more clarity will be required on this matter. Regardless, there might not be many cases of blend units in the housing projects


An investigation is done to test whether the significant improvement/substantial units in the structure are under 2,150 sq ft. This means in the event that 75 percent of units in a venture is over 3,000 sq ft, at that point, the undertaking may not be qualified for financing. Be that as it may, if an enormous number of units are of around 2,000 sq ft, the project may make the cut," opines Sharma.


Various stringent provisions have been recently presented by the regulatory authorities. For example, the need to declare the carpet are, to have all the project information big or small given on the website, displaying all the required approval and so on that may make future interments more alluring to major financial institutions. This will make it easier for the financial institution to carry out the due diligence before investing in a given project and the project finances will think that it's simpler to assemble records and judge the financial growth and viability of an investment, project, or a product.


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