Project Finance Company- Offers the Best Funding Solutions

Project Finance Company- Offers the Best Funding Solutions

January 07, 2021 Admin
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You might have heard the term project finance. In this article, we are going to cover everything about project financing. Project finance is all about arranging money for industrial and infrastructure projects. The project finance company arranges the funds for part-funding of the project and the balance has to be invested by the sponsor/promoter.


For instance, you want to become an entrepreneur and need funds from banks or financial institutions to set foot in the business industry. Initially, they would have a look at the project proposal. It will help them decide whether the project is worth the investment or not. Funds are released in stages as per the progress of the project.


Banks conduct a meeting with the equity sponsors to arrange funds for the project. The loan is given against the property/assets of the project and the cash flows. It is why they are termed as non-recourse loans. As soon as the business starts generating the cash flow, the borrower can start repaying the loan at that time. The property can be seized if he/she is unable to pay the loan on time.

The project finance company helps sponsors/promoters to create a special purpose entity to turn the dream projects of millions of entrepreneurs across the globe into reality.


Advantages of project financing

After obtaining the services of a project finance company, you are going to reap endless perks. Some of them are as follows:


  • The borrowers with good creditworthiness and a viable project can get a good project and a fantastic opportunity to obtain the loan.
  • The financial load per investor related to debt servicing is comparatively smaller.
  • The costs per investor are comparatively lower in such cases.
  • The project needs to comply with certain investment regulations as sponsors You can earn huge profits after investing the money in projects.
Project Finance Company- Offers the Best Funding Solutions

Process of availing project finance by a leading investment bank - Resurgent India

By associating with a leading bank that provides finances for various projects, the entire process will become streamlined and smooth. Resurgent India understands the need for funds from FI'sFI's to grow your business and leaves no stone unturned in helping you accomplish your goals by doing everything step by step:


  1. An information package will be generated by the advisor team that contains information about the financial model and market details. After that, the requirements of the credit committee are emphasized. The team will look at the present, and the past deals with it, the security structure is also scrutinized.
  2. The team of the STV makes a model of its own and project finance teams are called for further discussion. The team of the project finance company will look at the terms and conditions. Then the project finance team shortlists a few banks, and the next step of the process is initiated.
  3. At this stage, the amount and the terms of the debt are finalized. The interest rates offered are linked to external/internal credit ratings.
  4. Negotiation is performed with the team, which is shortlisted for participation in the process. After the negotiation, everything is finalized.
  5. Once the debt terms are finalized after the negotiation, the approval from the credit committee is taken.
  6. The final step of the process is initiated now. A visit is made to the equity investors, and they are asked to prepare the loan documents. During this stage, the client agrees to the terms of the debt, and it is advisable not to make any alterations in it.


All these steps are followed by the leading investment bank Resurgent India. It is the duty of the borrower to pay the loan on time.



The Project finance company has turned the dreams of millions of individuals into reality. You must go through the terms and conditions of the loan before signing the document. It is better to repay the loan on time as your property can be seized if you are unable to pay the loan to the bank or indulge in fraud with the bank. You can compare the interest rates offered by different banks and choose the one that matches your project's needs. Only a leading project finance company like Resurgent India understands that business demands funds at various stages. Immediate funding requirements can only be fulfilled through project funding. 

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