Webinar on Discussion on Skill & Infrastructure Industry

Webinar on Discussion on Skill & Infrastructure Industry

June 16, 2020 Admin


Webinar on Discussion on Skill & Infrastructure Industry

Speakers- Dr. Anurita Saxena, Associate Professor- Govt. of Himachal & Ex GM- Himachal Skill mission, HPKVN

Speakers-  Dr. A. Didar Singh, Former Secretary to GoI & Ex Secretary-General (FICCI)

Moderated By- Mr. Sagar Gangwal, AVP- Resurgent India Limited


Key Takeaways

Skill Mission in India

 The government has been taking multiple efforts in the direction of increasing the skilled workforce in India so that they can participate in shaping the growing economy of the country. 

 This crisis will have definitely put the activities and progress of skilling on hold. A lot of industries like civil aviation, hospitality, entertainment & the wedding industry will now be less employable. But industries like healthcare, logistics will take an upturn. 

 Skilling curriculums will have to be redefined with respect to COVID-19. Mandatory protocols regarding the virus, social distancing norms, self precautions, etc will have to be incorporated in the courses. 

 The need of the hour is to evaluate the skill gap analysis of every sector and find out how many portions of a skill can be digitized. The planning of skill development will have to be designed more on a local level than national. 

 Analysis of demand for the skill and availability of labor in that particular area/district will have to be figured out and accordingly, the type of upskilling and reskilling will have to be done.

 However, with all said and done, execution will be a challenge since the people associated in such programs do not necessarily have the required infrastructure to participate in the digital classes, challenges with regards to internships and apprenticeships, and alike. 

 Skilling is matching the youth aspirations and then matching it to industry.

 The government is in the process of setting up a system where they will suggest the workforce the type of skill necessary as per their qualification and job requirements.

 More than 8000 schools all over India are offering NSQF vocational courses and more than 10 lakh students across std 9,10,11,12 are already enrolled. 

 The movement of skilled workers from India was in the gulf. A lot of skilled workers will lose their jobs because of how the oil economy is right now, so new markets like Europe and the USA will have to be looked out for gainful employment of skilled workers abroad

Webinar on Discussion on Skill & Infrastructure Industry

Global Economy & Infrastructure

 The global economy has been tanking due to the pandemic and senior economists of world institutions are predicting global GDP close to zero. But, some of them are also talking about V-shape recovery i.e the rise in the GDP as soon as the world is out of the woods from this crisis. 

 There are three phases with this pandemic. The first is the state of lockdown, then comes the phase with certain relaxations following that the phase of post-COVID-19. It is expected that by the winter the pandemic will have been contained and recovery of the economies will begin.

 Logistics constitute about 15% of the pricing of products. Hence Indian logistics is already at a disadvantage with expensive pricing. Secondly, the capital tied up in the logistic chain, if released, could be used for other fulfilment of business needs. 

 Infrastructure, unfortunately, cannot be up and running unless the entire ecosystem of labour, aggregator, cement and steel is in place. As and when this ecosystem starts returning, the first place to start infrastructure will be flyovers and roads and railroads where the traffic is least due to semi-lockdown situation.

 Clogged projects can be restarted by starting the process of dispute resolution within a few months, so work on them can begin in full force with zero lead time.

 The technology was already disrupting the traditional skilling, so increased dependency has to be focused on new skilling which is technology-based.

 The single most important aspect to attract foreign investments and improve the “ease of doing business” is to sanctify the contracts to ensure minimal legal issues. There is a great opportunity for India, as the world looks out to the “Post COVID, Post China” environment. In addition, the infrastructure of land, labour and capital and their related issues will have to be sorted out.

 With TCS planning for 25-25, whereby 2025, 75% of the workforce will be working from home, the world will be moving towards the ‘gig’ economy in future. Under this, people are not employed in one job or limited to a specific role but they are doing multiple jobs and have multiple skills. This will happen because of technology and not just because of COVID.


►Watch the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxSWwxMSkIw

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