Webinar On DNA of A Champion Sales Person

Webinar On DNA of A Champion Sales Person

June 16, 2020 Admin


Webinar On DNA of A Champion Sales Person

Speaker- Mr. Tanmey Dubey, Founder & CEO- Catalyst Inc

Moderated By- Ms. Sonal Mehta, Vice President- Resurgent India Limited


Key Takeaways


  • In order to change your behavior to a champion’s, you have to bring changes in your belief, value, and attitude. It starts within you.
  • To become a transition person, change your belief. Remove the internal resistance and start flowing towards your goals. Make the transition from ‘Can’t do’ to ‘Can do’. Do not limit yourself.
  • The sale is an art and everyone can master it.
  • The mantra is to first focus on your being, identify if you are in alignment with how you want to be. If not then make necessary changes to get the results.

Seven DNA in the Champion salesperson

DNA #1 Confidence

  • Confidence is something you have to build yourself. Having the will to win. To acquire the confidence to make a sale you need 3Ps.
  • Product knowledge- You need to have thorough knowledge about the details, features, advantages, benefits, and most importantly relatability to customers.
  • Preparation- You have to keep your tools sharp all the time. Lack of preparation before a sales call, 70-80% times end up in failures .i.e Deal never materializes.
  • Positive thinking- Practice a positive mindset. The power of positive thinking is contagious and customers will also respond back positively. Buddha has preached ‘ thoughts leads to feeling, feeling leads to beliefs, beliefs lead to action, action leads to destiny.

DNA #2 Honor Commitments

  • In order to grow internally in your organization .i.e promotions, fulfilling commitments is very important. It is about delivering the promises you make. Outcomes can be an essential part of the sales cycle

DNA #3 Rigour in Execution

  • Always expect the unexpected. One should always have Plan B & Plan C. Explore all the viable options, problems, and accordingly solutions. Planning helps you streamline the activities that you intend to do like planning your sales call, or building a funnel/pipeline of your activities.

DNA #4 Ownership of failure

  • A Champion has no ego, no buck-passing, and will be a team player. He will ensure whatever it takes to make the team successful and not blame colleagues for his failures. Responsibility of action gives the power to transform to be better than before. 


Webinar On DNA of A Champion Sales Person

DNA#5 Observer & Listener

  • Ability to understand customer needs. The job of a salesman is to not only fulfill what the customer wants but understand what the customer says and help him get the best solution to his needs.

DNA #6 Master negotiator, ensure win-win for everyone

  • Negotiation skills are very important. It starts with negotiating with the right person at the right time and place and agreeing on the suitable product/solution. 
  • Negotiate confirmation from the customer that product quoted is right for him/her, there are no issues with your brand or service support.
  • Break down product/ solution in small variables and put a value for every variable. Negotiate with customers for every small thing. 
  • Give value not discounts- Instead of price discount, show additional value in return,
  • Long term lock-up negotiations- Try settling the customer for long term price agreements or rate contracts or schemes. Give targets to customers and link rewards to them. In the process of generating business to you beyond a specific value or revenue, even they will benefit handsomely.

DNA #7 Ethical

  • Do not Compromise on personal and organizational values. It is ensuring you remain true to your values and do not violate the law or rules of the organization. Being ethical is to make sure you do not blur any lines of decency and indecency. It confers that you are not harming or sabotaging any human/civil rights.
  • There are five stakeholders that you are committed to when it comes to being ethical. They include- Yourself, family, society, employer & customer.
  • Align your inner small personality of being a brother/sister, husband/wife, designation. Friend to your ultimate personality of becoming a champion. It is important to synchronize these small roles you play to your what you want to become. They should have commonality.


POLKA - For building Confidence

  • P- [Practice your sales pitch before going out for a call
  • O- Organize all equipment, collateral, supporting documents.
  • L- List out agenda for the meeting
  • K- Know answers to all possible questions that are likely to be asked by a client
  • A- Always reach on time and practice composure.

C.A.T- For inculcating positive thinking.

  • C- Consciously help and add value to people you are interacting with
  • A- Assume that people you are communicating with like you and want to help you
  • T- Transparent in sharing necessary information and feedback.

Key elements of planning

  • Categorize them as Urgent vs Non-Urgent. Urgent are activities with clear deadlines,
  • And further, categorize them as Important vs Not-Important.
  • It is also important to identify whether things you are doing will help you achieve long term goals or are just short term instant gratification.

The invincible sales plan pyramid

  • Construct a pyramid, aligning data from your past, present and future related to sales and all the external and internal factors working against you, 
  • Past - past revenue, growth, volume, clients, etc.
  • Present- Analyse market trends, information about your competitors and their strength and weaknesses, information about your current product line, and their competitiveness in the market.
  • Future- Where you want to be. Target customers, geographies, revenue, etc/Goals.

W.R.A.P- For active listening

  • W- Wait for the person to complete while he is talking
  • R-Repeat whatever you heard to get a reconfirmation
  • A-Ask the person to clarify anything that you didn’t understand. Do not make the mistake of assuming things.
  • P- Play in your mind conversations again and ask yourself two questions. Why that person is saying this? & Why now at this time?

►Watch the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEoEcMVDCng&t=26s

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