Webinar On Unlocking your business in lockdown

Webinar On Unlocking your business in lockdown

June 17, 2020 Admin

Resurgent India Knowledge Series Presents

Webinar On Unlocking your business in lockdown

Speaker- Mr. Ram Jalan, Digital Transformation consultant

Moderated by - Ms. Sonal Mehta, VP- Resurgent India Limited


Key Takeaway

General Overviews

● Digital marketing is not only for a certain category of business. Digital marketing has come out of the “digital-first” mentality. Digitization was and has become essential for carrying out business activities.

● Customer satisfaction- internal (employees) & external- is very important. Take this time to know why your customers are rendering your service and using your product. Interact with them to analyze what they need, what they want you to improve, etc.


Be conscious about your customers involve-

● Demographics- Gender, age, marital status, employer

● Buying role- Are they decision makers & influencers, what is their role?

● Buyer’s Journey- What triggered them to associate with you?

● Channel- Medium of connect-social media, website, etc

● Goals & Responsibilities- How do his responsibilities match with your business.

● Sources of Information-  Content that influences his purchase decisions

● Behavior Information- Challenges faced by a prior supplier, underlying frustration, needs & objections.

Interview Customer & Employees

● Use experiences with the company by them to create marketing content, blogs, stories & PR. It can include knowledge about the product/ service, work-culture & people.

Plan Webinars

● This period can be used to improve communication between your customers by inviting them for webinars & introducing them to team members-sales, finance, customer service, etc

● Host calls between existing, and prospective customers to give live testimonials.

● 91% of B2B prospects attend at least one webinar of the company they are operating with.

Audit content assets

● Content Assets are the traits of the company highlighted on various platforms like websites, brochures, emails, blog posts, presentations, etc. This time can be used to carry out an audit & identify high performing content to recreate marketing strategies.

Create an online presence

● Improve your business presence by creating company, key personnel social media accounts like LinkedIn, Review platforms, Medium, etc

● Review the company’s presence on search engines at regular intervals.

Webinar On Unlocking your business in lockdown

Pursue ‘digital’ in a big way

By laying out your business goals through the following

● Create brand awareness

● Demand generation

● Generate sales & drive revenue

● Educate the audience

● Build audience data- especially companies engaged in B2B transactions

● Build trust & credibility

● Drive attendance online & offline events

● Support launch of new products

● Revenue streams- New or existing products.

● Build loyalty with your trade &channel partners & existing clients

● Plan your digital marketing outreach for next 12 months & allocate budget-

●According to research on 500 companies in India, on average companies spend 8-10% of their revenue on marketing. Marketing is binary- push or pull. You can either push in customers by calls or pull in by creating a brand.


Work on (company’s) online reviews

● In digital business, people’s opinions on platforms matter. It is imperative to keep an active track of the reviews business has garnered online.

● Brands & Companies often select relevant queries, reviews, and respond to them back. Acknowledging and resolving issues and negative experiences can turn them into company advocates.

Crowdsource new content from employees

● Employees are brand advocates. Ask employees to share their thoughts about their role & fresh ideas and positive content about the company.

Vital Stats

Different level of customer engagement can be mapped with these six parameters listed below

● Awareness: How many people are following your business activities?

● Acquisitions: What number of people are absorbing your online content and material?

● Activation: How many of the potential clients are taking an interest in your product line and giving it a shot.

● Retention: The rate of the customers retained & the reason behind the lost ones.

Revenue: How can you increase revenue and the monetization plan. Reviewing customer acquisition cost & customer lifetime value.

● Referral: Identifying the channels that driving the most valuable traffic

Design outreach strategy

● Partnering up with a non-profit or engaging in CSR activity at this time can add an element of humanity in your approach. Social engagement & public welfare activities help you build deeper relationships with stakeholders.

● Be prompt in execution & smoothly introduce products.


Digital transformation

● It entails identifying problems, existing alternatives, solutions, key metrics to measure success, unique value proposition, long-term concept, edge of competitors, channels, customer segments, characteristics of early adopters, cost structure, revenue streams.

● Create user journeys to automate customer interaction across channels, build work-flows.

● Integrate different software that the company uses to get a single, consolidated view.

● Build core values and fundamental attributes around the digital mindset.

● Digital integration as a diagnostic tool to examine the journey of the organization across stages.

Clean your administrative mess

● Free up virtual backup space & check for unused subscriptions and software licenses

● Close open deals and contracts and relook at your current vendors


►Watch the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfPzZJZMx60

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