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Understanding Builder Finance Company

Builder Finances come with customizable features based on factors like project land acquisition, estimated project cost, and a detailed project assessment and valuation conducted by the financing company.
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An Overview Of Merchant Banking Services

A business owner has to go through ups and downs to keep his business thriving. In such a scenario, merchant banking services come to their rescue.
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Insolvency Professional Services: Amendments And Opportunities

The insolvency professional services and bankruptcy code's spirit lies in handling the affected asset in a fair manner, which is accepted by all its stakeholders.
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Role of Investment Banking Firm

Every year investment banking firms and financial advisory organizations publish their annual financial reports along with what's in for the coming year. The purpose of this report is to procure more clients by showing t...
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One-Time Loan Restructuring: Meaning and Impact

To rescue the ailing sector from credit default risk issues the Reserve Bank of India has proposed a one time loan restructuring solution for personal and corporate loans. Borrowers of personal loans with regular payment...
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Power Distribution Finance: Present Challenges

The power sector in India is built out of collaborated efforts of the power generation, transmission, and power distribution sectors. The distribution segment of the power sector comprises Power Distribution companies o...
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What is Detailed Project Report and Project Feasibility Report?

In a Detailed Project Report, the project plan is elaborately laid out explaining the idea, the various functions required to be performed, estimation and allocation of resources required supported by a Project Feasibili...
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Financial Consultant Firm- Overview, Roles, and Responsibilities

A financial consultant firm assists individuals and small businesses to handle and increase their wealth and assets. They perform several tasks for their clients ranging from giving financial information, financial forec...
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Impact Of One-Time Loan Restructuring On MSMEs And Corporates

In order to prevent the economic condition from getting more critical, the RBI has initiated a policy of one-time loan restructuring for the financial stress caused by the Covid pandemic.
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Evaluation of Finances for Gas Distribution Companies

Managing and growing a business is not as easy as it looks. Some business owners possess adequate skills and knowledge to handle these operations, but few can manage the cash flow. Many of us might find these issues triv...
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