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Income Approach VS Market Approach – How to Strike the Balance while Going for Business Valuation?

Business valuation is basically the process by which one can determine the economic value of any business entity. It is often used for determining the fair value of any business for a number of reasons, like the sale val...
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An Empirical Look on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India after the Amendments in the Law

Lengthy procedures to deal with insolvency issues are a thing of past in India now. Most of the economists of the world will remember the last few years of the Indian economy for the implementation of GST; because it cha...
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Debt Syndication: The Way Forward

In India, the debt market is several times smaller than the equity market, while elsewhere it is just a multiple of the latter. One of the complex tools that have helped lessen this gap over the years is debt syndication...
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Resurgence Of Real Estate Sector Of India

Real estate sector is one of the most glowing and globally recognized sector of Indian economy. After agriculture real estate is the second largest employment generation sector in India and it contributes around 9% of th...
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Valuation Methodologies

An asset-based approach is a type of business valuation that focuses on a company's net asset value (NAV), or the fair-market value (FMV), of its total assets minus its total liabilities to determine what it wo...
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A New Bankruptcy Code Is Reshaping Indian Business

When the sudden departure of the famous drinks tycoon Vijay Mallya, the self-proclaimed “king of good times” followed the failure of his foray into aviation, with Kingfisher Airlines defaulting on debt of $1.3bn in 2...
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Project Techno-Economic Viability Study- Why Do We Need It

No project can be absolutely risk-free and hence the analysis of the degree of technical risk and associated financial viability, through a Techno-Economic Viability Study (TEVS) is necessary to assist lenders to take a ...
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The fall of Public Sector Banks

What are the reasons that took banks into crisis? It is analysed that increasing Non Performing Assets (NPA’s) is the biggest reason for the failure of PSB. The highest amount of NPA’s was for country’s big name ...
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What can make to Rich?

In today’s world everyone wants some way to earn more money in less time for them Stock market is the good but risky way but they have no idea where to start? In this article you’ll learn how to get started from zero...
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How To Control Increasing Npa

The Indian banking system, badly fighting with non-performing assets (NPAs) and these are not coming out of crisis despite support from the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India.
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