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4 Major Differences between Private Equity Firms and Venture Capital

At times, private equity is often confused with the term venture capital as they both are focused primarily on investing in the companies and exit after selling their installments such as initial public offerings (IPOs)....
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Significance of Investment Banking Companies in India

Investment banking, a special division of banking, is responsible for the creation of capital for companies, governments, and other entities. Also, investment banks assist in the negotiations and structuring of mergers a...
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Factors to consider when choose between Debt and Equity

Finance is the most essential part in running any business. It allows business to grow, to generate employment and to meet daily requirements in business. A dream of business is only convertible into reality when appropr...
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What Private Equity investors exactly do?

Private equity is a general term used to describe all kinds of funds that pool money from a bunch of investors in order to amass millions or even billions of dollars that are then used to acquire stakes in companies. Som...
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The Evolution of Merchant Banking in the Indian Scenario

With the advent of the industrial boom in India, there has been a growing need of Merchant Bankers. Businesses often require specialised banking services which are concentrated in nature. Hence, commercial bankers set up...
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Would a Financial Advisor Assist you better than a Financial Consultant?

We often come across finance professionals who are either Financial Advisers, Financial Consultant, Wealth Advisers, Wealth Managers or Financial Planners. Who amongst them are the best when it comes to managing your inv...
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Relevance of Advisory Services in Today’s Business Environment

Advisors have played an important role throughout the evolution of civilization. Perhaps the most eminent ‘advisor’ one could think of, would be Kautilya, the advisor to Chandragupta. It was perhaps Kautilya’s Ch...
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Is Debt Syndication the Way Forward for Borrowers availing Large Ticket Loans?

One is, by giving up equity/ownership stake in exchange for money and the other being debt. When large entities require funds towards expansion and other business activities, the most feasible option is fund-raising thro...
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Funding Solutions - Taking your dream project to the next level

Budding entrepreneurs are often faced with a quandary relating to the ideal proposition towards attaining funds for expansion. Consider this scenario: your entity has achieved break-even numbers operationally. You are ...
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Investment Banking – Smart Door for Big Fortune!

Keep a close tab on your investments by closely monitoring your investment banker’s business strategies to mitigate market risks!
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