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Loan Syndication: The Way Forward to Your Big Ticket Loan

Syndication of Loans refers to the formation of a consortium of lenders in order to provide funds for the borrower. This is usually done in order to divide the risks and rewards of the disbursed amount among the lenders ...
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Real Estate Project Finance Is The Right Solution For Your Project

Independent capital investment backed up by long term financing, where the cash flows and assets can be identified what we call as Project finance. Real estate project finance is one of the most standard examples. Apart ...
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What is Project Finance?

Project finance is the funding of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services using a financial structure which is either a non-recourse or a limited recourse. The debt and equity used to finance th...
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Why Private Equity firms play a major role for fundraising?

Funding in start-ups is often low and requires compelling family members or friends of promoters to find a source of money. In such situations, private companies or start-ups may tap private equity to help finance them.
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AIF: A much-needed impetus to the real-estate sector

The real estate sector has underperformed in the last few years, especially since it is sitting on a large inventory of incomplete or stalled projects. In order to resolve the situation, the government has proposed to cr...
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Why resolution process is difficult under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Insolvency is defined as when a person or an entity no longer has a right to fulfill its financial obligations towards its creditors. Poor management of cash, increased expense, and reduced cash flow could lead to insolv...
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TEV study is important for project finance?

The study with emphasis on assessment of technological parameters and the effect on the economic viability of initiative is called Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) study. For a successful TEV analysis, a critical assessme...
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What are the various Business valuation Methods?

Business valuations methods are ways to regulate how much a business is worth currently. It is a general process of ascertaining the economic value of a whole business or company unit.
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How investment banking firms help to raise funds?

Investment banking is a stream of banking that primarily focuses on capital financing for global and local businesses, individuals, and even governments and other entities. Investment banks are best known for their work ...
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Project Finance – Overview, Guide, What You Need To Know.

The financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services using limited financial structures are termed as project finance. Loan for project funding will be reimbursed by utilizing the generated...
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