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Training Program on Roll out of GST

The programme is specifically designed to examine the changing business process required for compliance with the new GST and to acquire practical knowledge of the different procedures under GST Act and rules. New law ...
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How banks have been transmitting rate cuts by RBI

There is a lot of concern raised over slow transmission of interest rates by banks when repo rate is cut. When RBI lowers the repo rate, the government presses banks to take actions on lending rates but banks are not fol...
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Lenders set to realise Rs. 80000 cr from insolvency process in FY20

Banks & Financial Institutions are expected to realise more than Rs. 80,000 crore as compared to Rs 66,000 crore in the previous fiscal under Insolvency bankruptcy code (IBC). Recently, corporate insolvency resolution pr...
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Mergers of Public Sector Banks: Will the MSME be victim to a ‘middle class’ treatment?

India has been a breeding ground of a thriving, if not blooming MSME sector. Most startups fall under this category as well. Organizations in this sector fill in the gap between large corporate entities and small scale i...
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Are SOPs & Projections The new tickets towards your dream funding?

NABARD has recently financed funding worth 695 crores in favor of Mannapuram Gold finance (PTI, 2019). One of the leading names in the world of financial funding, Bluevine Capital has recently developed a portal dedicate...
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The Changing Role of Merchant Banking in the Era of Big Data Analytics

Check out the financial history of superpowers like USA and UK. You will find that it can be divided into two parts. Part one, when they were operating with unorganized financial planning; and part two, when merchant ban...
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Income Approach VS Market Approach – How to Strike the Balance while Going for Business Valuation?

Business valuation is basically the process by which one can determine the economic value of any business entity. It is often used for determining the fair value of any business for a number of reasons, like the sale val...
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An Empirical Look on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India after the Amendments in the Law

Lengthy procedures to deal with insolvency issues are a thing of past in India now. Most of the economists of the world will remember the last few years of the Indian economy for the implementation of GST; because it cha...
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Debt Syndication: The Way Forward

In India, the debt market is several times smaller than the equity market, while elsewhere it is just a multiple of the latter. One of the complex tools that have helped lessen this gap over the years is debt syndication...
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Resurgence Of Real Estate Sector Of India

Real estate sector is one of the most glowing and globally recognized sector of Indian economy. After agriculture real estate is the second largest employment generation sector in India and it contributes around 9% of th...
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