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Fiscal Impact Due to Atmanirbhar Package

Revenue contraction due to COVID-19 linked lockdown amid a slowing economy would force state governments to borrow more and hence will have a higher fiscal deficit. Despite strong pressure from India Inc for large fiscal...
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Merits, Demerits of Various Schemes Under Atmanirbhar Package

Government has taken decisive action to contain and mitigate the spread of the virus and to limit the adverse impacts on the citizens. Through various measures, it is helping businesses stay afloat, supporting households...
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An Overview On Insolvency Services

Insolvency is a concept whereby a person or an entity, as loans are due, cannot meet its financial commitments against its lenders any longer. It is likely to be engaged in contractual agreements with investors until an ...
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Business Valuation Services : The Market Insight

Business Valuation offers details for the financial and ongoing preparation of creditors. It is the basic method that allows to focus about the strategic aspects of the company financially. Business and Company assessmen...
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How Project Finance Raise Funding

The fundamental accounting of the entire project life cycle is Project financing. A cost-benefit analysis is frequently used to estimate whether the financial benefits of a project are greater than financial costs. For l...
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Webinar On Mega MSME Outreach Programme

The MSME sector is one of the most valuable the sector in India as it contributes greatly to the growth of Indian Economy with a network of 6.24 Cr. units industries in MSME Sector, where Micro Enterprises constitute of ...
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Webinar On Hospitality Industry- The way forward

The hospitality industry which comprises travel, tourism, and accommodation had created 4.2 crore jobs which accounted for 8% of the total employment of the nation. It also ranks third globally in terms of investment in ...
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Webinar On Shape of Economic Recovery

Government has formed two buckets of priority. One is priority geographies and other is priority sector. Priority geographies are all the non-hotspots, non-threatening zones of the country not tremendously affected. Prio...
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Webinar On Role of NBFC Post COVID-19

Indian economy segment Is largely informal segment and MSME segment. It’s the backbone of the country. Data shows 65% of urban population and 90% of rural population is engaged in informal segment activities which has ...
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Webinar-Mega MSME Outreach Programme - Bank Initiatives towards MSME Sector

MSME has historically played a pivotal role in building our economy. This crisis has not spared anyone and MSMEs have been crushed under its weight. Drying cash flows, labor migration are some of the many problems that t...
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