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What is Business Valuation and What is its Purpose?

Essentially, business valuation is a collaboration of procedures put together to help recognize the economic value of an entity. Whether a business setup needs to be sold, or funding is induced, or even during situations...
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What are the Best Funding Solutions?

Transforming an idea into a business is not child's play. A lot goes behind starting a business as an entrepreneur or keeping a business running for a long span of time. This process involves meticulous planning and impl...
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A Complete Overview Of The Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction advisory services are the third party services obtained from professional firms or investment banking firms. They help you handle all the tasks associated with your transactions from the start to the end and ...
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Five things to know about a term loan

It pertains to a loan with a fixed amount taken from a bank or a private lender for a stipulated period of time. The above loan is paid back in easy installments, or EMI's over a duration of time along with interest at a...
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Here is Everything You Must Know About Private Equity Companies

The private equity firm may lookout for typical corporate leaders to run the business in the long term. If you are looking forward to quitting the company in the long run, this might be the right choice.
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Infrastructure Development and Finance, Key to Economic Growth

Infrastructure has been recognized as one of the most important enabler of economic growth. The significance of infrastructure creation has all the more increased in the current context of the post covid19 scenario when ...
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Project Funding is the Right Choice of Financing for Industrial Projects.

There are numerous steps that are involved in turning a dream project into an actuality. Planning and execution are vital stages in the fulfillment of a project, but the project mainly depends upon the funds.
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Resolution Framework for Covid-19 Related Stress

The economy is passing through the most challenging time in recent history. The Covid-19 pandemic which mainly started as a health issue has evolved into a gigantic economic issue, on account of the changing circumstance...
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Topic 6: Impact of Merger of PSU Banks

This desire for growth has increased the merger and acquisition activities across the board and the Indian Banks too did not stay aloof from this wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
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Project Finance and Corporate Finance: An overview

Project Finance and Corporate Finance (also referred to as Balance Sheet Financing) are two financing models to fulfill the basic objective of meeting the requirement of fund of a business entity, where both rely on debt...
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