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Webinar-CEO Roundtable How Companies Are Preparing Themselves For Future

The course of the pandemic has made everyone realize that one should prepare for any contingencies. Odd events like these can hit anyone anytime. Communication and socializing have improved via many virtual meetings and...
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Webinar On Unlocking your business in lockdown

Digital marketing is not only for a certain category of business. Digital marketing has come out of the “digital-first” mentality. Digitization was and has become essential for carrying out business activities.
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Webinar on-Strategy for resolution of Stressed Assets

Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy which has been going through a difficult period for a couple of years like power and road. Telecom and the hospital part of the infrastructure may see some traction due to th...
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Webinar On Indian Economy-The Road Map to Success

India’s growth in the second quarter of last year started at 6.2% but gradually plummeted down. So to begin with the economy was already tense.The global health crisis hit the recent quarters more and IMF projection of...
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Webinar on-Financial Management for SMEs

SMEs create 100% employment as against 20% investment. While lending to SME, some of the key parameters the bank focuses on are debt/equity ratio, interest coverage ratio, debt service coverage ratio, current ratio sales...
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Webinar On Valuation of Intangibles

Intangible assets are long-lived assets used in the production of goods and services. They represent legal rights or competitive advantages developed or acquired by an owner and physical properties are absent. It can be...
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Webinar on- Basel II and Basel III

Basel II is the second of the Basel Accords, which are recommendations on banking laws and regulations issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. These regulations aimed to ensure that the more significant the...
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Webinar on-Challenges for the PSU Banks Post COVID-19

The crisis will not have a very severe impact on march 2020 financials. There may be some challenges related to provisioning. Most banks have cleaned up their balance sheets and are in a better position to meet the chall...
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Webinar On How Asset Restructuring Companies (ARCs) shall resolve Stressed Assets?

Post Covid-19, the market conditions are going to worsen due to mounting loss of income and increase in fixed expenses. It will be interesting to watch how ARC will play the role in order to revive and rehabilitate the s...
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Webinar on-Leadership Crisis

Standard and Poor have analyzed high resilient sectors whose demand will not be affected by this crisis based on the existing leverage, cash flow, regulatory support, and strong balance sheet. They are pharmaceuticals, f...
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