Resurgent India Funding Solutions - Funding Alternatives

Resurgent India Funding Solutions - Funding Alternatives

February 15, 2021 Admin
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It doesn't matter if you have just started a business or have been into it for a long time. There would be times when such situations would arise when you would be in need of immediate funding solutions

Most people would prefer to opt for traditional ways of obtaining a loan. Additionally, there may be times when banks wouldn’t be interested in processing individual businesses’ loans. 

Stop postponing your dreams of having your own business and obtain reliable funding alternatives advised by Resurgent India. 


Discover the Funding Solutions for Real Estate and Corporates

If you have recently started a real estate business, it is vital to secure the capital to expand your organization. Fortunately, there are tons of options available in the market that you need to support your business.

Those who want to get into the real estate business need an enormous amount of initial capital outlay to fulfil their dreams. At times the amount exceeds to the extent that it is impossible to meet them using our savings. In such a case, it is vital to seek assistance from other sources, including banks and financial institutions. Resurgent India assists you in working systematically as the running projects’ cash can become the fund of the new project. 

After completing the tenure, the entire debt is paid back. The systematic working makes funding solutions of Resurgent India the most preferred choice of real estate companies and corporates. 

In the past, only well-to-do entrepreneurs used to invest money in real estate and corporate projects. 

You get the opportunity to filter the projects as per your preferences with Resurgent India. Investors get a chance to obtain financial shares at low costs. After the successful completion of the project, investors can earn a fair share of profits. 

Resurgent India Funding Solutions - Funding Alternatives

Types of Funding Solutions

  • Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping means using your savings and credit cards while experimenting with a project. Depleting your savings for starting up a business is not advisable as you may need them later on to recover the losses. 
  • Friends and family: When a company is in its early stages, private capital is utilized to meet the finances. Taking out money from a retirement plan or obtaining a mortgage against property is the most preferred choice of entrepreneurs. If you still face a shortage of funds, you would ask friends and family for money. The biggest drawback of borrowing money is you have to pay back all the amount from your pocket in one go. 

Grow Your Business with Resurgent India Funding Solutions

  • Angel Investors: An individual with a high net worth who invests money with the purpose of gaining ownership is called an angel investor. They will be interested in spending more money when they see it as an enterprise. They look forward to investing money when they hold equity positions within the firm. 
  • Venture Capitals: Venture Capital loan is generally given to startups and small business owners. The loan is sanctioned, keeping their long-term growth potential in mind. Resurgent India has introduced venture capital loans to make the smooth operation of the businesses.
  • Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing allows you to obtain finances from a rapidly evolving group of participants. 


Businesses must spend time gaining valuable insights on the funding options available with Resurgent India. Form a decision of obtaining the money by identifying the pros and cons of each one of them. 

At times the savings or borrowing money from the loved ones isn't enough to meet the current and future business goals. By depleting the savings, your future would be at stake. In case the business doesn't go the way you want it to be, it is difficult to pay back as you have nothing left with you. 


Resurgent India (India's leading Investment Bank) 

Resurgent India is one of the leading investment banks that can provide you with funding solutions to meet your business goals. If you plan to open a startup or expand your business, you can seek assistance from the top funding providers. The dreams of millions of entrepreneurs across the globe have turned into reality with the support of the leading investment bank Resurgent. 

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