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Financial Viability of Project: Definition and importance

Financial viability support isn’t a universal function that works the same in all the countries. Let’s understand the closest possible definition and practical relevance of Financial viability for a project.
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Due Diligence Report - Process, Importance and Types

Due Diligence Report is basically an internal memo shared with the executive team members who are involved in monitoring and are responsible for closing the deal.
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Real Estate Corporate Finance - All you need to know

Real estate corporate finance is a type of project finance, and to understand the benefits it offers to a company, let’s get to know more about it in detail.
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Private Equity Company - Investment Strategies, Services and Types

With a quest to earn, a private equity company in India focuses on multiple areas such as raising capital, sourcing, cost cutting, exit portfolios, and more. Let’s find out more about Private Equity Companies.
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Need of Fairness Opinion Valuation for Business Growth

For any corporate management, it is a responsibility towards their shareholders that a fairness opinion report is prepared to showcase that the management is working in their best interest.
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Mezzanine Funding - Meaning, Need and Types

Mezzanine funding is a type of junior capital between senior debt financing and equity. In short, a means that companies can access capital from.
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Key Services of Investment Banking Firm

Primarily, investment banking firms in India aim at raising capital and providing financial consultancy services to companies, governments, and other entities. Let’s understand their key services in detail.
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How Does an Merger and Acquisition Advisory Firm work?

An M&A Advisory Firm acts as a consultant, guide, and coach for its clients and helps them throughout the process of mergers and acquisitions and the services often also leverage all aspects of inorganic growth in an org...
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How Acquisition Funding Can Increase Your Profit?

Acquisition Funding at the very root is a popular funding mechanism during merger and acquisition transactions that can accelerate the revenue and profitability of small businesses.
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Prioritizing Your Promoter Funding To Get The Most Out of Your Business

Promoters grow their business or increase their stake in the company with the help of promoter funding. It also helps in the conversion of outstanding securities into equity shares.
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