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Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know

Investment banking is a special banking sector related to the wealth development of certain businesses, governments, and institutions. It is one of the world’s most challenging financial processes. They represent numer...
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Project Finance - A Primer on the Project Finance Industry

Project Finance is a remedial funding option with a long-term, void, or restricted redress that provides the creditor against the projects ' assets, properties, and interests. The loan and equity for the project's fundin...
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Webinar On Impact on Urban Infrastructure

COVID-19 has had a colossal impact on the USD 3Tn economy, and it’s the only bright spot currently amongst the other economies of the world. It is stated to have a negative GDP growth rate worldwide, except India. 
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Webinar on Real Estate- A Way Forward

How the sector and the economy pans out is purely how the disease progresses and decisions taken by the government. Under scenario planning, range of possible outcomes are very wide and the independent variables are lock...
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Webinar On Winning in The Age of Disruption Lessons From The Army

Army men constantly are looking out for threats through reconnaissance and surveillance. This is the time to exercise this in our own life. Look out for threats to identify the plausible opportunities. Review your source...
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Webinar on Coronavirus Outbreak Banking & Business Way Forward

During this period of lockdown business operations have been affected gravely. The lockdown may get lifted partially and in a staggered manner. Challenges faced by the businesses will be a mismatch of cashflow, labor mov...
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Webinar on Introduction to Swamih Fund for Real Estate Funding

An AIF of Rs 25000 Cr approved by Union budget to provide last mile funding for affordable housing/mid-income category stalled or likely to be stalled projects under construction
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Project Finance - Transaction Flow and Advantages

Project finance is a debt arrangement focused solely on the funding cash flow of the project which retains secondary capital securities, privileges which shares in the project. Project finance is especially appealing to ...
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How Can The Insolvency Service Help You?

Insolvency is described as when an individual or person is no longer able to satisfy its creditors’ financial obligations. Worse financial control increased costs and decreased cash balance may contribute to insolvency...
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Webinar on Future of Real Estate

Indian Economy has been facing several challenges in terms of new policies like GST and has been experiencing liquidity crisis to which real estate is no exception.
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