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Distressed Assets Funding: A Subordinate Debt Program for Struggling MSMEs

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has developed a mechanism to give guarantees for loan facilities provided by qualified and registered scheduled commercial banks to borrowers in Micro, Small, ...
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A Complete Guide to a Due Diligence Report

The information gathered throughout the due diligence process is compiled in a due diligence report. The due diligence process, which entails a systematic investigation and analysis of all aspects of a proposed transacti...
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Scenarios in which company valuation services required

The valuation process requires a thorough examination of every aspect of the business including management, capital structure, the market value of the company's assets, and projected future profits.
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The Ultimate Guide to ESOP Valuation

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) allow businesses to sell part of their company’s shares to employees. ESOPs are provided, in the main, to increase the retention rate in a firm.
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Know 8 Methods to Get Funds for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs must understand why they are seeking funding. Before approaching investors, owners need to have a clear financial and business plan. A startup may need funds for a few, or all the reasons stated below.
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Long-Term Project Finance: All You Need To Know

Long-term funding/financing for industrial and infrastructure projects based on a non-recourse financial structure is referred to as Long Term Project Finance. The structure often includes a syndicate of lending institut...
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Resolution Plan - Meaning, Content, Drafting and Submission

A Resolution Plan is a rehabilitation plan for a corporate debtor (CD) that is going into insolvency. It is a report based on the information memorandum provided by the Resolution Professional that focuses on legal, fina...
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How to prepare a feasibility report of manufacturing plant?

A feasibility report assesses the viability of proposed project plans or methods from a technical, commercial, and financial angle. The study helps narrow down the risk factors in the implementation of a project.
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Pitch Deck Services for an Investment Round

The investor pitch deck becomes a powerful instrument for businesses to acquire funding if it is immaculate and presents a captivating and intriguing story about your business ideas.
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One Roof Business Valuation Services Provider

There are multiple methods for evaluating a company, including discounted cash flow, liquidation value, market cap, income multipliers, venture capital method, and book value, among others. It may include futuristic proj...
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