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Due Diligence Report: Overview, Types and Benefits

The process of systematic analysis and risk mitigation associated with an investment or business decision is known as due diligence. The due diligence process includes the analysis of the financial viability of a busines...
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A Complete Guide To Loan Syndication

The bank in charge of managing the loan syndication is known as the syndicating bank. The responsibility of arranging all of the funds in accordance with the borrower’s requirement lies with the lead bank/syndicating b...
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Best Investment banking company in India - Resurgent India

A business can obtain various benefits by choosing the best investment banking company.
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A complete Guide to Business Valuation Services

Business valuation is the process of ascertaining a fair economic worth of a company. Businesses need to understand the value and worth of their organization for several reasons which include taxation, sale value, fundra...
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Top 10 essential elements of an effective business plan

A business plan is a thorough roadmap detailing how the organization operates as a whole. It is an articulated representation of the step-by-step processes that a firm follows to ensure the success of its operations.
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Intellectual Property Valuation: How to calculate IP Valuation?

The term "intellectual property" (IP) refers to a class of property that encompasses intangible makings, such as distinctive identifiers for a company or its goods or services (e.g., logos, brand names). Patents, industr...
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Start-up Valuation Services: All you Need to Know

Start-up valuation is the process of assigning a number to the worth of a start-up as a potential business. In simple terms, it quantifies the value of a company. Every entrepreneur needs to undergo this process when sea...
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Distressed Assets Funding: A Subordinate Debt Program for Struggling MSMEs

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has developed a mechanism to give guarantees for loan facilities provided by qualified and registered scheduled commercial banks to borrowers in Micro, Small, ...
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A Complete Guide to a Due Diligence Report

The information gathered throughout the due diligence process is compiled in a due diligence report. The due diligence process, which entails a systematic investigation and analysis of all aspects of a proposed transacti...
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Scenarios in which company valuation services required

The valuation process requires a thorough examination of every aspect of the business including management, capital structure, the market value of the company's assets, and projected future profits.
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