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The Ultimate Guide to the Services of an Investment Banking Firm

Investment banks provide advisory-based financial services to corporations, governments, and individuals. These advisory-based services, long associated with corporate finance, are offered to clients for underwriting or ...
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Property Valuation Services - Overview, Methods and Benefits

Property or real estate valuation entails determining the economic value of a property. Valuing a property is necessary to arrive at decisions pertaining to a variety of property-related activities, including buying/sell...
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Customized Pitch Deck Design Service for Startups

A pitch deck is a succinct presentation that gives potential investors a quick rundown of your company. The main objectives are typically to highlight your product, describe your business model, introduce your team, and ...
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When Do Businesses Need Company Valuation Services?

Company valuation services entail determining a company’s fair economic value, which in turn depends on several factors. The process of determining the economic value is not an exact science and the end result often va...
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Personal Insolvency - A Boon for the Lenders

Insolvency is the state of financial distress where a person or entity is unable to pay off their debts or other obligations. Resolution of Corporate and Non-Corporate Insolvency has been standardized by the Insolvency a...
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Interim Finance – A Source of Operational Funding under IBC

Interim finance is defined as financial debt raised by Interim Resolution Professional/Resolution professionals, as the case may be, during Corporate Insolvency resolution processes according to the provisions of the Ins...
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Bespoke Pitch Deck Services for Startups

You need a well-designed, comprehensive presentation deck if you want to persuade investors that your company has tremendous growth potential and get the financing you need to scale. The presentation tool called pitch de...
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One Time Settlement Funding (OTS) - All you need to know

One Time Settlement Funding (OTS) for a loan can be availed of either in part or in full based on the borrower’s requirements, cash flows of the business and the value of collaterals, among other considerations.
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Importance of Due Diligence Reports for M&A Deals

A thorough due diligence report for an M&A deal would reveal how a business is likely to perform in the future. It encompasses testing the assumptions inherent in the deal, uncovering hidden costs and flagging potential ...
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Why should you use an investment banking firm service?

Investment banks serve as an interface between businesses and investors. The phrase refers to the functions of a financial services firm or a corporate division that includes providing advice on financial transactions to...
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