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Interim Financial Statements: Definition, Role and Benefits

Interim financial statements are financial statements that are prepared and presented for a period of time that is shorter than the full fiscal year. They are typically produced on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, but t...
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Business Valuation: Determining the Market Value of Your Business

Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company. There are many different methods and approaches that can be used to value a business, and the most appropriate method will dep...
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Business Plan: A Complete Overview

Resurgent India Limited offers a professional business plan service that includes market research-based information on the competition, compliance, industry insights, and growth strategies to assist companies in their gr...
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Loan Restructuring: Modifying the Terms of an Existing Loan

The goal of restructuring a loan is to help the borrower avoid default and to allow them to continue making payments on the loan.
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Property Valuation Services: Determine the Fair Value of Real Estate

Property valuation is the process of determining the value of a piece of real estate. This can be done for a variety of purposes, such as selling a property, refinancing a mortgage, or determining the value of an estate ...
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Private Equity Consulting firm in India | Resurgent India

Private equity firms, usually limited partnerships, invest in companies that are not publicly traded on stock markets. These investment funds are managed by private equity companies on behalf of accredited and institutio...
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Project Finance: Funding large Infrastructure and Industrial Projects

Project finance is a type of financing that is used to fund the development, construction, and operation of long-term infrastructure, industrial, and public service projects. It typically involves a non-recourse or limit...
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Structured Financing - Overview, Types, and Benefits

Structured financing is offered to large businesses with complex financing requirements unmet by traditional financial products. Traditional lenders generally do not offer such financing because of complex structures and...
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How to get a Real Estate Project Finance?

In real estate projects, a different method of financing is used at each step of the life cycle. The owner chooses the best course of action based on the project's stage. Depending on the risk involved, several financin...
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Due Diligence Report: Overview, Types and Benefits

The process of systematic analysis and risk mitigation associated with an investment or business decision is known as due diligence. The due diligence process includes the analysis of the financial viability of a busines...
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