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Transaction Advisory Services - Everything You Need To Know

Specialized professional services for impeccable handling of such soft aspects are grouped under the umbrella of Transaction Advisory Services. Experts offering these services, help their clients identify transactional r...
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Services of a Financial Consulting Firm

Financial consulting services as the name suggests are a collection of services that are based on thorough financial analysis that help individuals or companies take informed financial decisions.
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Project Finance Company- Offers the Best Funding Solutions

You might have heard the term project finance. In this article, we are going to cover everything about project financing. Project finance is all about arranging money for industrial and infrastructure projects. The proje...
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Financing for Infrastructure Projects: Major Financing Options

While obtaining the financing of infrastructure projects, banks, or other financial institutions lookout for projects that can give good returns and are bankable. A project undertaken by either public or private sector i...
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RBI announces one-time loan restructuring for financial lenders

In order to manage the financial stress caused due to the pandemic, the RBI has announced the policy of one-time loan restructuring for various companies and individuals.
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Financial Advisory Services- Resurgent India

Performing day to day business operations is not as easy as it sounds. It would be best if you had adequate knowledge of every operation to stand ahead of the crowd. At times you need to make a decision related to financ...
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Why is Business Valuation Important to Your Company?

Being a business owner is a daunting task. Every decision has to be taken with precision so that it brings profits to your business. One has to keep an eye on all the operations of the company. It is essential to be upda...
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Detailed Project Report: Meaning and its contents

A detailed project report is a very extensive and elaborative outline of a project, which includes essential information such as the resources and tasks to be carried out in order to make the project turn into a success.
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Project Finance: Lender Perspectives and Development Trends

Are you looking for ways to obtain finances for the project? It is time to consider obtaining financing from a project finance company to meet your funding requirements. Project financing means financing a specific econo...
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Insolvency Professional: Definition and Responsibilities

An insolvency professional’s prime responsibility is to evaluate a business, company, or partnership firm's financial situation. After this step, it is made sure that the process continues without any hassle.
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