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Prioritizing Your Promoter Funding To Get The Most Out of Your Business

Promoters grow their business or increase their stake in the company with the help of promoter funding. It also helps in the conversion of outstanding securities into equity shares.
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What are corporate restructuring services? - Overview, Reasons, Types

Corporate restructuring services include the process of reorganizing a company's legal ownership, operational, or other structures to better serve its stakeholders.
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Structured Financing Strategies That Can Help Your Business Growth

Structured finance is a highly effective finance technique that primarily caters to large companies or institutions whose experience with conventional finance products has not satisfied their complex financial needs and ...
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An Overview Of Project Appraisal For Finance- Methods And Risk

Under the project appraisal process, a financial institution conducts an assessment of various aspects of an investment proposition independently and objectively to come to a viable financing decision. Project appraisal ...
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Everything You Need To Know About The Valuation Report

A business valuation report is an attempt to thoroughly document and analyze the value of a company or a group of assets by considering all relevant market, industrial, and economic aspects.
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Intellectual Property Valuation: Benefits and Methods

Intellectual property rights valuation or IPR Valuation is one of the most critical areas of finance that comes into play during the sale and purchase of companies and during solvency, merger, and acquisition transaction...
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Project Feasibility Study and its Importance in Project Management

A project feasibility study examines all of a project's pertinent aspects, including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling issues to determine the possibility of the project's successful completion. Prior to commenc...
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How to do Benchmark Valuation?

Various firms perform valuation services for their clients and then conduct the benchmarking process as well. Benchmarking refers to the process of selecting valuation multiples and comparing them against similar busines...
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How to do Brand Valuation?

The business valuation process is a challenging task. While the valuation of a brand may seem simple and appealing, they offer proper financial techniques, the truth is the bigger a brand is, the more complex and challen...
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How to do Startup Valuation?

Valuing a business is a tricky task. And when startup valuation is required, it becomes a more challenging task. The reason behind this is that without any financials and past income and expenditure sheets of a company, ...
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