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Long Term Project Finance Mechanism: Need For A Relook

The long-term Project Finance for infrastructure and industrial sectors essentially involves a limited recourse to financial structure, since project debt and equity utilized for constructing the project are paid back fr...
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How Does Loan Syndication Work?

Loan syndication is the process in which several lenders come together to finance a single borrower. Such a loan is termed a syndicated loan. A borrower, in this case, can be a large-scale project, an association, or the...
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Understanding of Debt Restructuring–Process and Benefits 

Debt restructuring is a process opted by business entities or individuals in order to prevent going into defaulters’ list on their existing debt. It involves negotiating a lower interest rate and extending the repaymen...
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Impact Of One-time Loan Restructuring On Financial Lenders And Borrowers

Keeping in mind the financial losses that occurred to the people in the wake of the pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India introduced a one-time loan restructuring for lenders and borrowers.
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Loan Syndication : A Complete Overview

Loan syndication refers to the process where multiple lenders come together to fund various portions of the loan asked by a single borrower.
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Resurgent India: Leading Financial Consultant Firm

Financial consultant firms help your business to overcome the consequences of past decisions if any, and current challenges and harness an efficient business model for the company.
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Financial Advisory Services: Complete Overview

Financial advisory services can include a whole host of individuals such as certified financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and certified public accountants.
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How do Private Equity Companies Help To Sell Your Business?

Private Equity companies require direct investment to buy equity investment in companies that require a substantial amount of money and the investors must have a solid financial background.
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Resurgent India - Pioneer Project Financing Advisory Company

Project Financing refers to the funding of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based on projected cash flows of the project.
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Overview of insolvency professional services

Insolvency Professional services, as the name indicates, are the group of individuals involved in the resolution process of the entity/person when he is covered under the insolvency and bankruptcy code ( IBC ).
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