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Importance Of Different Industry KPIs While Doing a Valuation

Understanding the comparison that is done should be conducted within similar businesses in the same sector. Before conducting business valuation services, it is crucial to understand different types of KPIs and their rel...
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Challenges Faced in Business Valuation of a Distressed Company

Valuation of any company can be tricky business. And when it comes to the business valuation of a distressed company, it becomes more challenging and crucial. A distressed company is a business that is facing issues in p...
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Which Financial Ratios are Used to Assess the Viability of A Business?

Proposals for financial assistance are presented to the lenders in a document. They analyze the same to determine the viability of the project. Investors are attracted to your proposal when there is a potential of a good...
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NPA Classification Norms: Need for a Relook

Drastic situations require prompt and strong necessary solutions and a proactive relook at NPA classification norms will go a long way - and therefore, perhaps, also of the country in the long run.
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Why TEV Study Is Important For A New Business Venture/Expansion Project?

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Study provides an appraisal of technological parameters of projects and their impact on the financial viability of projects. A TEV study is a risk mitigation exercise undertaken by banks a...
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Long Term Project Finance Mechanism: Need For A Relook

The long-term Project Finance for infrastructure and industrial sectors essentially involves a limited recourse to financial structure, since project debt and equity utilized for constructing the project are paid back fr...
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How Does Loan Syndication Work?

Loan syndication is the process in which several lenders come together to finance a single borrower. Such a loan is termed a syndicated loan. A borrower, in this case, can be a large-scale project, an association, or the...
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Understanding of Debt Restructuring–Process and Benefits 

Debt restructuring is a process opted by business entities or individuals in order to prevent going into defaulters’ list on their existing debt. It involves negotiating a lower interest rate and extending the repaymen...
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Impact Of One-time Loan Restructuring On Financial Lenders And Borrowers

Keeping in mind the financial losses that occurred to the people in the wake of the pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India introduced a one-time loan restructuring for lenders and borrowers.
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Loan Syndication : A Complete Overview

Loan syndication refers to the process where multiple lenders come together to fund various portions of the loan asked by a single borrower.
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